Get SNATCHED for Safety and Sex

Come by on November 14 and November 28 at 7:30pm for two fun, educational events supporting the team’s mission to promote public health, safety, and pleasure! Both events include training on how to use Narcan (the over-the-counter opioid overdose treatment) by restorative justice facilitator Mik Berry and a different workshop from Sex Work Survival Guide!

Free entry! No reservation needed.


November 14 @ 7:30pm

Narcan Training + 

Consent Workshop +

Fetish Wrestling Workshop


Domination comes in many forms and Katarina “The Domme Kat” Pierce doesn’t do subtle. Her favorite way to Dominate someone doesn’t require any expensive tools or special clothing. Learn how to Dominate with your body in an introductory demo of fetish wrestling.

November 28 @ 7:30pm

Narcan Training + 

Consent Primer +

Sensation Play Demonstration


BDSM isn’t all about whips and chains; there’s a softer side! Sensation play focuses on the dance our five senses do. With electro play and wax play, we’ll focus on the skin and the pleasure we receive through it. And cleaning up can be just as fun as getting messy! We’ll discuss the various ways to remove the wax from your partner’s skin. From the massage of the electro comb to the sting of hot wax dripping on bare skin, let’s explore together.